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The most awaited event is finally here! its time for you to build the car of tomorrow.

we are ready!!! are you??

India's biggest virtual techno-management extravaganza! ITS None other than gravitas 2020,the 12th edition of gravitas the completely new edition in this most challenging year in the history. It aims at bringing the young minds to solve technical problem in the upcoming trends in various domains, interact with the peers, inspired by achievers. Now graVITas , has opened up newer horizons to "Unleash the genius". The theme of graVITas'20 is "Aspiring Innovations". So get ready to join us live from 1st october-4th october.

What do you learn?


“Right now the phone is an accessory to the car, but soon the car is going to be an accessory to the phone. Choose the future-choose self-driving Car”

            Self-driving cars are one of the hottest zones for both business and technology. In this workshop you will be taught how different sensor used in autonomous car are used for interpreting sensory information to identity navigation paths, avoid obstacles and read relevant markers, like road signs and traffic light. All this information is generated using camera vision, radars, and different algorithms. Most importantly, learn how the camera can be used to process the video and how videos are segmented in frames and processed using CNN.

Want to experience something different this gravitas??

Stand out of the crowd??

 Join us to learn the most advanced technology in the world!!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t know the basics, we will teach you from scratch. Be a part of one of the best workshops of GraVITas20 and step ahead of your friends to enhance your technical skills.

Wayyy just a minute !! Who are the speakers??


  • “Technical experts and a passionate trainers” having a vast experience in , he has a record of delivering

  • As a Technical Trainer, they have trained participants on , participants were coming from different parts of globe as well with different domain.

  • Trained participants on

  • Trained Faculty of Mumbai University on for a week

  • Trained 5000+ students across 100+ institutes by conducting workshops on

Okay What are the perks??

  • will be provided by Gravitas

  • Make your under the guidance of .

  • You can make use of the lessons to make your .

  • You will have to pay for the course which costs thousands on e-learning site.

For any enquiry,


Harsh Raj

90035 01891

Instagram :ieee_sps_vitv

Facebook: vitieeesps

Linkedin: IEEE SPS VIT



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