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RFID Based Attendance System

Updated: May 2, 2020

Components Required:

  • DS3231 or DS1307 RTC Module

  • EM-18 RFID Reader

  • 20*4 LCD Display

  • Push Buttons - 4

  • LEDs - 2 (green & red)

  • Buzzer

  • AT89C51 microcontroller


RFID(radio frequency identification) is a technique facilitating identification of any product or item without the requirement of any line of sight amid transponder and reader.

In this project, we have designed an RFID based attendance system using AT89C51 microcontroller. First we store a set of RFID card data in our system. You can store any number of RFID data,

When the person with the correct RFID card come & swipes his RFID card, his arrival time will be stored on the system using EEPROM command displaying “welcome” message on LCD. When the same person swipes his RFID card for the second time, the system will save it as his leaving time displaying “See You”. The interval between first card swap and second card swap is the total working hours that is stored as a data.

Circuit Diagram:

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