Apps Like Tik Tok stealing our Data!!!!

Researchers have discovered that more than 1000 android apps harvest our data even when we deny permission. Studies have shown that apps with no permissions are able to piggyback on other apps, you have given permissions to.

According to it, these apps can even gather data from our wifi connections. If you have seen ads on apps or in your browser for items you looked up in a completely different app, you have spotted some of this data harvesting at work.

For example:- A person searched for Nike shoes on the amazon app. Now, when we visit other apps then we can see that some of them are showing ads related to Nike shoes only as seen in this picture.

Chinese apps like TIK TOK, SHARE IT, HELO, UC BROWSER and more have been banned in India on June 29th, 2020.


ByteDance(a Chinese company) first launched Douyin for the China market in September 2016. Later, TikTok was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets outside of China.

Tik Tok is among the very popular social media platform short-video format app. It nearly earned 5.6B$ in just their first few months of 2020. It has been installed on about 300M smartphones. It has surpassed 2B downloads.

It has been surveyed that Tik Tok steals data every second as we do our work. It just not steals information like birthdays, names, but also every letter you type and every temporary data which is stored on our mobile. It can be proved when IOS 14 sends a notification when apps read your clipboard and in their defense, TIK TOK published an official statement in which they stated " WE STORE ALL TIK TOK US user data in the US, with backup redundancy in Singapore. Our data centers are located entirely outside of china and none of our data is subject to Chinese law" and later it was proved that it was a lie.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman stated that TIK TOK is "fundamentally parasitic".

There was a person who reverse-engineered TIK TOK tells the dangerous cons to the people and advises people to stay away from it. He concluded that TIK TOK is the data collection service that pretends to be a social media network.

It can collect information like:-

  • the phones you use

  • the apps you have installed

  • name of the wifi router

  • the exact location and past locations visited

  • it even sets up a loco-proxy server on our phone and the android version includes code that allows the downloading of the remote-zip filers, unzips them, and execute the apps inside arbitrarily.

TIK TOK uses fake likes system to motivate a user and keep them using the app. He also reverse-engineered INSTAGRAM, FB, REDDIT, and TWITTER and said that they don't collect anywhere near the same amount of data that TIK TOK does.



  • Try to download apps only from google play store as it is safer than other app stores and it is protected by play protect.

  • Check the ratings and feedback and then only download the apps.

  • Always let your "FIND MY DEVICE" settings be opened.

  • Two-factor authentication is a must for your account

  • Install security updates

  • Give only the required permissions to apps.

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