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In our society we have seen that every other individual wants a sell their old products and on the other hand there is another person who just want the product at a lower price or basically a second hand product which can fulfill their demand. So our basic idea behind this project “APNI DUKAAN” is this only to connect all such buyers and sellers by creating a platform. This will help in interacting the buyers and sellers easily and they can sell or purchase the things in a efficient way.

Simply, what you need to get started is to register yourself on our website as a buyer or seller and fill the remaining details. After that just login using the login page. Basically it’s a one click registration process. Just by one click you can get registered on our website and start selling/purchasing.


We are working on a website to achieve this. Since it’s a website the main two parts we are having for this project is:



For frontend we have used bootstrap. Bootstrap is a CSS Framework which reduces the workload for us, it is popular in its use case and is used in multiple websites. We utilize the classes provided by it to do all the work. For backend we are using node.js. With node.js, we can write our backend codebase using Javascript. We have utilized express.js for the web framework of our choice; and for database we have used mongoDB. We used mongoDB because it’s MongoDB is a document database, which means it stores data in JSON-like documents which is easier to understand.


The website has the following functionalities : -

▰ Create option to list products only if you have a seller account.

▰ Add to Card and View Cart only if you are logged in.

▰ Login and Register Button in Nav Bar if you aren’t logged in.

▰ Total Bill Amount in Cart View

▰ Toggle Sidebar

▰ Product Page for Individual Items.




This project was a good learning experience for the whole team and while we knew the basic of web development we got the opportunity to develop our skills more in depth through this project.

We have though few extra features that we would like to add to this project such as :-

Filter Option: Our Frontend has the UI to use filter but unfortunately we couldn’t implement the backend in time.

Place Order: As of now, our website only supports cart and not actual order placing.

▰ User Profiles to cancel your placed orders and delete your listed products.


Project Link:

Live Deployed at:-


For Code:-

Credits:- Ankit Bhanja, Gaurav Ishan, Yashwardhana Indoria


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