We're sure you've heard of GitHub and seen it on a ton of CVs. Are you ready to get noticed in the professional world?

25th Oct

5:00- 10:00 pm

Platform :MS Teams

About the event

This one-day workshop is a concise yet resourceful gateway into the world of Open Source Community. Participants will be introduced to an incredibly powerful tool for easy collaboration: The GitHub Platform. This workshop will help you get acquainted with the basics of GitHub navigation and the best practices available for developing projects. It will provide a hands-on experience for creating and using git repositories, starting and managing branches, adding files to environments, commits and opening and merging pull requests! So get ready for your first contribution to the open source community and work on large scale projects! All that is needed is good internet connection. The workshop ends in an eventful hack where you get to showcase your skills and get awarded!

About the Speaker

  1. Has been a IT Security & Linux Trainer skilled in conducting classroom training sessions and designing instructional workbook material based on Training Needs Analysis. 

  2. Experience includes training new hire batches and on-the-job professionals in need of remedial training and conducting refresher training for floor coaches. Has conducted several workshops and training sessions for employees of companies like JP Morgan Chase, L&T InfoTech and Capgemeni, and in colleges like NIT Trichi, Christ University and BMS Institute of technology.

  3. Won 2nd prize at National Level Technical Paper Presentation on Network Security held at MPCC  Bhilai. 

  4. Subject Matter Expert (ITIMS, IT Security & Cloud Technologies at iNurture education solution Pvt. Ltd.) 

  5. Co-Founder at Open Tech Solutionz 

  6. Freelancer, Trainer & Consultant.

  7. Corporate Trainer, IT, Network Security and Hacking

Perks of the event

Nearly every open-source project uses GitHub to manage their project.

  1. will make it easy to contribute to open source projects 

  2. Master Documentation: Proper documentation is important in programming and will make it easy for you to build and manage your database.

  3. Become a better developer! Since its open source, you can revise other developers' code and create something completely new and unique! 

  4. Learn Git, a free and open source distributed version control system. 

  5. High compatibility: GitHub can integrate with platforms like amazon and google cloud and can highlight syntax in over 200 different programming languages! 

  6. Find like-minded people- collaborate with people all over the world! 

  7. Get noticed among recruiters! Most companies today, when searching for new recruits, look into the GitHub profiles and if you have one, you will have a higher chance of being noticed and recruited!


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contact ieeesps@vit.ac.in